Our Lector-Acolyte Installation

This past Sunday (11/11), our Scholasticate of Indonesian Province celebrated the installation of lector and acolyte for seven final-year scholastics. It was a pretty big annual event for the whole community, since it is considered as the last formal step prior to diaconate ordination. As such, it was a great day for the seven freshly installed lectors and acolytes. Fra. Antonius Effendi, SCJ – one of the seven – said: “It was one of good decissions that I made after having deep discerments with God and my spiritual director. This decission lead me further to a deeper sense of responsibility for the upcoming ordination!” The installation process had started the night before when Fr. Priyo Widarto, SCJ – the rector of our Scholasticate – gave the orientation regarding this ministry of lectore and acolyte, which its dignity and values must be well preserved in our life.

Father Provincial –Fr. Andreas Madya Sriyanto, SCJ – was the one who lead the service and installation. His words in homily were encouraging and affirming. Fr. Madya spoke of the real challenges of our religious life and we are called to firmly be rooted in the spirit of love and reparation. Fr. Madya stated: “Yes, there are a lot of challenges in our present religious life. There are numerous scandals even in our Congregation. But these facts must not discourage us to follow Christ. They must force us even to more loudly spread the Good News and to more daringly serve the altar of God!

 Fra. Albertus Joni, SCJ

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